Bihar: Made a gang of bike thieves with the name ‘INDIAN’, then became Khabrilal of the police! This is how a history sheeter ended.


Bihar Crime News: In Muzaffarpur, history-sheeter Rajiv Kumar alias Bhola Rai was publicly shot at by two shooters after climbing his house. Bhola Rai progressed so much in the world of crime that many of his enemies had now become. His story is also completely filmy. He had kept his name Indian. The Indian was known by the name of Rajeev Kumar aka Bhola Rai a decade ago. In the year 2012-13, he formed a gang of bike theft. Which was named Indian. Later he himself came to be known by this name.

Indian used to cut bike and spend it in Nepal

He was arrested for the first time from Adarsh ‚Äč‚ÄčNagar in Khabra. He used to cut the stolen bike and use it in Nepal. The in-charge of the then Sadar police station caught him and sent him to judicial custody. He met many miscreants in the jail and became good friends with many. When he came out of jail, he was accused of demanding extortion. Meanwhile, he remained wanted in the incident of robbery and extortion. The police continued to search for him but he remained absconding.

Bihar: History-sheeter Bhola Rai was gunned down by climbing into his house in Muzaffarpur, the whole incident captured in CCTV

linked to liquor smuggling after prohibition

In the year 2016, there was liquor ban in the state, in which Indian started smuggling liquor and giving security to the main businessman and also started liquor business himself. A case has also been registered regarding this in the police station. He started establishing himself with the money he got from the liquor business and started doing land work in Kachi Pakki, Atardah, Madhopur, Susta, Ratwara etc. areas.

Khabri Lal became associated with the police

Here, the Indian has now become an ally of the police in an illegal way. He started giving information about criminals to the police. Lal Bhola Rai was also a special informer of many police officers then. In the recent times, he had also become a favorite of a sub-inspector of Sadar police station. However, after the transfer of the said sub-inspector, his movements at the police station had reduced.

The young man was shot in Shradh ceremony

The then Inspector of Sadar police station once scolded him and chased him away from the police station. After which he shot a young man in the leg during Shradh Karma in his own locality and fled. Due to the proximity of the police, he avoided arrest.


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