Attention Lungs shrunk from corona are becoming breathless even after one year, patients coming to post covid OPD


The pace of corona infection may have stopped, but the lungs of patients who have shrunk due to its infection are not recovering even after almost a year. During the last one year, this problem is being seen in the CT scan examination of patients affected by Covid, while they did not have serious symptoms of corona. Even after this the problem persists. According to the doctors of the Respiratory Medicine Department of the city’s PMCH and IGIMS, more than 200 patients are coming to the OPD daily. Among them, there are more than 20 patients who have recovered from Covid. He is having trouble breathing. In this, patients who were admitted to ICU due to corona two to two and a half years ago are also included.

Fibrosis in the lungs of 10 percent of patients

Dr. Manish Mandal, Medical Superintendent of IGIMS, said that patients who have recovered from Covid should not face any problem, hence a separate post Covid OPD has been operated. He told that about 10 percent of the serious patients who defeat Corona have fibrosis in the lungs. The lungs of people suffering from this disease are shrinking. As a result, even after not having corona infection, his body is not getting enough oxygen. At the same time, it is being told that even the expert doctors are not able to say anything clearly in this regard. According to him, it would be difficult to say in what time such patients would be able to become completely fit.

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Patients in ICU are having trouble breathing

Such patients who have been in ICU for a long time, they are facing problems of breathing from time to time. Along with this, the problem of cough also persists. Patients tell the problem of shortness of breath while climbing stairs. However, according to the doctors, the recovery is expected to be gradual. There is a need to increase the dosage of medicines in such patients. Doctors are telling that patients will recover in the first five to six months, but the recovery time is reaching one year or more.



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