Araria: Father shot dead in domestic dispute, accused son arrested with weapon


Araria. The son shot dead his own father over an old domestic dispute. The incident is of Bela Teenkhambha ward number one under Basmatia OP police station area adjacent to Nepal border of Narpatganj block area of ​​Araria district. Mohammad Ishaq, son of the deceased Abuzar Alam, told that the domestic dispute was going on in the family for a long time. He often used to quarrel with Mohammad Siraj regarding this old dispute. On Sunday, the quarrel increased so much that Mohammad Siraj attacked him with a sword. When father Abujar Alam came to settle this quarrel, Siraj took out a pistol from his waist and fired three shots at his father’s chest.

Shot in father’s chest and shot in brother’s leg

Mohammad Isaac told that the father immediately fell on the ground as soon as the bullet hit. The other brother had bent down to see him that the young man fired at him too. The bullet hit the leg of another brother, due to which he got injured. Hearing the sound of the bullet, the villagers grabbed Mohammad Siraj and snatched the weapon from him. Also someone informed Basmatia OP from the spot. The police arrested the accused after reaching the spot and took the dead body in custody and sent it to Sadar Hospital Araria for postmortem. The snatched weapon was handed over to the police by the villagers and immediate investigation has been started to know about the incident.

The interrogation of the accused son is going on

In relation to the incident, Basmatia OP President Shivpujan Kumar told that the villagers have caught the accused Mohammad Siraj and handed him over to the police. The arrested accused is being interrogated. All the questions are being asked about what the incident has happened, who are the other people involved in it. Information is also being taken from accused Siraj that from where he got this weapon, so that he too can be arrested. The OP chairman told that the villagers have also handed over the weapon used in the murder to the police. Which will be sent to FSL for investigation. The dead body has been sent to Sadar Hospital for postmortem. Specific information will be available only after the post mortem report comes.


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