Aligarh: On completion of 9 years of Modi government, a mass contact campaign will run among the public for one month.


Aligarh: The meeting of the BJP District Working Committee in UP’s Aligarh was held on Monday at the District Office Kayampur under the chairmanship of Metropolitan President Dr. Vivek Saraswat. State Vice President Dr. Dinesh Sharma was the chief guest in the program. Coal MLA Anil Parashar and former Mayor Shakuntala Bharti were also present on the stage.

The program was coordinated by General Secretary Vaibhav Gautam. The workers were told in the working committee that on the occasion of the completion of 9 years of the Modi government at the center, a great contact campaign is being started. Which will run from 30 May to 30 June.

What did State Vice President Dr. Dinesh Sharma tell

State Vice President Dr. Dinesh Sharma told that before 2014 what was the image of our country on the world stage. What happened to the image of our country on the world stage after the coming of Prime Minister Modi’s government. He told what was the situation of terrorism in the country before 2014 and what is the situation of terrorism in the country today. What was the recognition of India on the world stage and what is the recognition of India today. Everyone knows that when the heads of India used to visit any country or program in the world, they did not get much importance. Today, when Prime Minister Modi goes, he is respected all over the world. Everyone is watching. All this happened because of the efficient leadership of the Prime Minister of India, Modi ji.

State employees take out torch procession to implement old pension in Aligarh, submit memorandum to PM

Addressing all the workers, the complete outline of the upcoming program was told. It is said that those who work 24 hours a day for 365 days get recognition in politics. If he becomes invisible. So he disappears from politics. It is necessary to register presence in politics. If the presence is not registered, then they disappear from politics.

Bharatiya Janata Party workers do social work for 365 days. In this Mahasampark Abhiyan, the achievements of the central government of 9 years have to reach the common people. He told that the first step in the campaign is to contact the families. What did the Bharatiya Janata Party government do? Those who have got benefits from the government. Have to reach them, have contact.



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