Weekly Numerology (May 21 to May 27, 2023): Know how auspicious this week will be by date of birth


Weekly Numerology Of Radix 1

radix 1This week will be good for the people working for the society like religious leaders, social workers, politicians etc. During this time you will be seen very ready to inspire and educate people about their religion and their duties towards the society.

Weekly Numerology Of Radix 2

Radix 2For natives of Number 2, this week will be favorable for improving themselves and taking their abilities to the next level. During this time you are going to be more cautious and optimistic. Along with this, you will get knowledge and you will also see an increase in your abilities. This increase in capacity will prove helpful to you in dealing with any adverse situation in life.

Weekly Numerology Of Radix 3

radix 3This week will be more beneficial for the natives of Radix 3. During this, your ability to think and understand will increase. People who belong to the fields of Philosopher, Consultant, Mentor and Teacher etc., they will be able to influence others easily and at the same time create a distinct identity for themselves in the society.

weekly numerology of number 4

Radix 4This week can be challenging for those with number 4. During this time you may feel that you are being controlled by others and because of which you may be uncomfortable. Also, you may be surrounded by negative and confusing thoughts due to which you may feel cut off from the people around you.

weekly numerology of number 5

Radix 5This week, many types of questions may arise in the minds of natives of Radix 5, due to which confusion may also arise, but as time passes, you will get answers to all your questions and all your confusion will be dispelled. Due to this you will be able to take the right decision.

weekly numerology of number 6

Radix 6Natives of Radix 6 will be seen paying more attention to their inner beauty and mental health this week. Also, you may increase your inclination towards spiritual activities and will try to find peace within yourself. Due to which a pleasant change will be seen in your personality and many people will also be seen fascinated by this wonderful personality this week.

weekly numerology of number 7

Radix 7Natives of Radix 7 will be seen full of spirituality this week. You will also be able to increase your knowledge, due to which your interest will be seen in the field related to religious activities and occult sciences like astrology etc. Those who are looking for a guru for yoga and meditation can find their guru this week.

weekly numerology of number 8

Radix 8Natives of Radix 8 will also be seen behaving in a very mature manner with the people around them this week and due to this you will be able to perform well in professional and public life. However, excessive seriousness can create problems in your personal life and your relationships with friends and family can be weak.

weekly numerology of number 9

Radix 9This week the natives of Number 9 will be more inclined towards religious and spiritual activities. Apart from this, during this time you will work more quickly, as a result of which you will be able to complete all your stuck tasks on time.


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