Surat: Fashion show for eunuchs organized for the first time in the city


In order to create a comparative bridge between transgenders and society, a fashion show for transgenders was organized in Vesu and the event was also named Tulyata. This fashion show was organized with the aim that transgenders can also make a name for themselves in different fields and work in every field.

Eunuchs, who are recognized as the third gender, make their living by getting good wishes on auspicious occasions in the society. However, now transgenders are slowly learning to do something different from this work and a fashion show has been organized in Surat for the purpose of allowing them to walk equally in the society. Hetalben, the organizer of the fashion show, said that she has been associated with Kinnaro for many years. They still do not have such status in the society that they can walk together in the society.

  <p>In today's society, eunuchs want to work in different fields and not just by clapping and demanding money, so I have been preparing them for fashion shows for the last two years and today 21 women's fashion show happened.  Many of whom are transgenders who can sing well, some have good computer knowledge.  These kinars used to take a long time to prepare for the fashion show, but today they are well trained.  These eunuchs are also shot for sarees, some can do small roles and some can become good singers.</p>  <p>Kinnar Noori Kunwarba, associated with the fashion show, said that the main purpose of doing fashion shows is to achieve equality with the society in today's time.  This program has been organized with the aim that we too get equality.  Change the mindset of the people and not the prejudice that people have towards us.  Even today many such children are born as eunuchs in the society.  Such children were brought out by their parents at home and taught other things.  Fashion show i.e. not only western clothes but saree which is a symbol of Indian culture is also the most beautiful dress in fashion show.  The people of the society should also know that you can do fashion show in saree also and saree is the best dress) This fashion show has shown this. </p>  


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