Secret financial connections between Hillary Clinton and Muhammad Yunus


People may express surprise seeing blind support of Hillary Clinton towards controversial Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus while it is documented fact that the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had illegally used her position in the State Department to award more than US$13 million in grants to Yunus, contracts and loans despite his ouster from Grameen Bank in 2011. Funds were given to Yunus through 18 separate US Agency for International Development (USAID) award transactions listed by the federal contracting site

Other federal agencies also opened their coffers to Yunus after Clinton entered the administration. The Department of Treasury awarded a US$600,000 grant directly to Grameen America under a fund designed to boost financial institutions in community development. A Treasury Department spokesman declined to provide any details beyond the fact the funds were for activities in New York.

A series of Small Business Administration grants to Grameen America also began in July 2011, totaling US$934,000. Those grants were for “salaries and expenses” for the foundation to operate its New York offices where Hillary Clinton once was a US senator.

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According to documents, Hillary Clinton even went further by attempting to bully the Bangladesh government to force it to end the corruption investigation of Yunus, as Muhammmad Yunus has been a long-time family friend of the Clinton family, a huge donor of Clinton Foundation and Clinton’s partner in crime.

According to the US Congress, Hillary Clinton used hard-ball tactics against the Awami League government in Bangladesh in order to help her ruthlessly corrupt millionaire friend. The document shows Hillary Clinton deployed an array of high-powered officials at the Department of State, US Embassy in Bangladesh and World Bank to rescue Muhammad Yunus from corruption and financial crime charges.

Although the Clinton Foundation website earlier declared that Muhammad Yunus had donated US$300,000 from his millions of dollars deposited in various foreign banks, the link to this declaration on the Clinton Foundation website has been mysteriously removed by Clintons. A report from the Daily Mail said some the claims involved allegedly illegal donations with the intent of buying influence with Hillary Clinton, who at the time was trying to become president. While Yunus’ net worth is estimated at US$10 million, his actual wealth size is much higher.

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In 2010, as a Grameen Bank managing director, Yunus faced multiple charges of financial improprieties, including accusations in a Danish documentary that he diverted US$100 million from Grameen and transferred them toward his own entities. The charges sparked an immediate uproar in Bangladesh.

Hillary Clinton repeatedly and directly threatened Bangladesh on behalf of Muhammad Yunus, warning Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that the World Bank could revoke a previously approved US$1.2 billion loan to build the Padma Bridge. Subsequently, at the request of Yunus, Hillary Clinton had exerted direct influence of the World Bank officials, while it is also alleged that she had used the Federal Investigation Agency (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in blackmailing at least two key officials of the World Bank thus compelling them in cancelling the approved loan for the Padma Bridge.

Hillary Clinton took full advantage and wielded tremendous pressure as the United States being the largest donor to the World Bank, which in 2011 contributed US$1.50 billion to the bank.

Hillary Clinton’s notorious actions against the Padma Bridge project were designed to undermine and humiliate Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina – only female heads of the government in the Muslim world.

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On June 1, 2017, Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley asked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to respond to reports that Hillary Clinton tried to pressure Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by threatening her son Sajeeb Wazed Joy with an IRS tax audit while he was living in the United States. Link to this matter has also been mysteriously deleted from the website of Senator Chuck Grassley.

History of relations between Yunus and Clinton family

For more than 30 years, Yunus oversaw the distribution of Grameen Bank “micro-credit loans” to the poor to set up small businesses. He was eventually regarded as a saint among many anti-poverty activists.

But he also got a big helping hand over the three decades Bill and Hillary Clinton actively promoted him and repeatedly showcased him as a celebrity figure at major Clinton Foundation functions.

The former president Bill Clinton is credited with launching a personal lobbying campaign to press the Nobel Committee to award its peace prize to Yunus. It did so in 2006.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mixing of official work with foundation donors is reportedly the focus of a second, less publicized FBI public corruption investigation of the former secretary of state. The more widely known FBI probe focuses on her use of a private email server located in her New York residence to conduct official government business.

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Emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server disclose that Bill and Hillary Clinton closely monitored the Bangladesh government’s investigation of Muhammad Yunus.

David Bossie, president of the conservative activist group Citizens United and a long-time Clinton critic, called for the FBI to look into possible conflicts of interest linked to the long association between Yunus and the Clintons.

“The mixing of State Department and US government business with Clinton Foundation donors and interests is a prime example of what the FBI could be investigating in addition to the private email server setup”, Bossie told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Clinton-Yunus relationship dates from Bill Clinton’s tenure as Arkansas governor, when he and Hillary fell in love with the concept of micro-credit loans.

Former Secretary Hillary Clinton and her husband closely followed Yunus’ mounting problems. A June 11, 2012 email from Amitabh Desai, the foundation’s foreign policy director, for example, alerted Hillary Clinton of a Yunus response to the Bangladesh investigation.

“In case you haven’t seen it already, WJC wanted HRC and you to see this”, Desai said in the email routed through Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, and Huma Abedin, her deputy chief of staff. “WJC” is Bill Clinton and “HRC” is Hillary Clinton.

According to an expert seeking anonymity, the email “is potentially an indicator of the co-mingling of state business with the Clinton Foundation. It is very concerning”.

When back in January 11, 2007, an-army backed interim government came to power, Hillary Clinton made frantic bids in influencing the key figures of that government to consider Muhammad Yunus as the “new leader of Bangladesh”, by executing “minus-two formula” of forcing Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia into retirement and forced exile. The BBC reported April 7, 2007, that “the army would sponsor Nobel Peace prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus as a new leader”.

US Congress to shed light on Hillary-Yunus misdeeds

The report of Hillary Clinton’s brass knuckle tactics and her use of the World Bank on behalf of a Clinton foundation donor Muhammad Yunus could widen an ongoing investigation by the US Congress, as Special Counsel John Durham recently has released reports on ‘Russia collusion’ allegation that Hillary Clinton had manufactured against Donald Trump.



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