Patna: Fierce fire in the furniture warehouse reached the nearby houses, there was chaos late at night


Patna: A fire broke out in a furniture warehouse built in an open space of one-and-a-half kathas in the Abulas Lane of the fisherman group of Kadamkuan police station late on Saturday at around 11 pm. The fire started increasing slowly and its flames became 50-60 feet high. There were sofas, chairs and other wooden articles in the godown, which immediately caught fire. Also there were many big trees in that empty space and they also started burning.

Flames reached inside four-five houses nearby

The flames started reaching inside four-five houses nearby. His window and some things kept in the house got burnt. Because of this, there was panic in the whole locality and all the people came out of their houses. The people of the houses inside which there was fire, ran out to save their lives. On getting information about the incident, seven fire engines reached the spot and after two hours of effort, the fire was controlled. Goods worth lakhs have been damaged in the fire.

There was a problem in taking fire engines in the narrow street

The warehouse is at the end of the street. There are houses around it. There is only a three feet wide lane to reach that place. After this the fire engines could not reach there. After this, water was brought to the spot by connecting one pipe to another and the fire could be brought under control after about two hours of effort. However, all the wooden articles kept in the godown were burnt.

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created a ruckus

The special thing is that no one stays in that godown at night, due to which people got the information about the fire late. The local Kadamkuan police had also reached after getting the news of the fire. Due to the fire, the entire area had become dark, due to which the fire engines also had to face a lot of trouble in extinguishing the fire. Here, due to fire in another house in the same area, there was an atmosphere of chaos.


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