Pakistan posed to become global terror factory


Pakistan is on the verge of collapse with analysts worrying that the radical Islamic nation may ultimately become a global terror factory which would become a notorious launchpad of terrorists and jihadists targeting South Asian nations and the world. Recently, Michael Kugelman, director of the South Asia Institute at the Wilson Centre think tank in Washington told BBC, “If Pakistan fails, we need to make sure it doesn’t take us down with it”.

In recent months, Pakistan has been trembled by political chaos, rise of terrorist attacks and financial catastrophe, whereas there is very little hope for this country to salvage its sinking economy, which would result in extended poverty and unemployment thus pushing desperate Pakistanis into increasingly resorting to criminal and terrorist acts. Once such a dangerous scenario becomes visible, expatriate Pakistanis in the Middle East, Western nations and elsewhere may also become partners in such criminal and terrorist activities, as they would start behaving like hungry wild beasts, with the notorious goal of spreading their sufferings throughout the world.

Since 1947, Pakistan has been a failure from independence, as it was always about fanatical religion and terrorism and its very creation was based on religious hatred, anti-India and anti-Hindu agendas.

Witnessing Pakistan’s dire condition, any sensible individual may say – why should India or Bangladesh worry about Pakistan’s woes, as Islamabad has always been an annoyance to India and Bangladesh by sending terrorists to disrupt for zero gains. By continuing enmity with its neighbors, Pakistan has now turned into beggars.

They actually are correct! Any nation in the world may learn from Pakistan. A country upholding the agenda of sponsoring terrorism and spreading seeds of terrorism within its neighbors would ultimately land in the deep black hole of uncertainty and suffering. Unless the current situation in Pakistan isn’t solved immediately – and in my opinion, it is a mission impossible, this country will become a far-bigger headache to the entire world thus posing the gravest security threat. Majority of the Pakistani populace and almost 99 percent of the members of its armed forces are highly radicalized with jihadist mindset. Their hearts are filled with hatred towards India and any prospering nation. Look into Oxford-educated leaders like Imran Khan or Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Western education could not change their nefarious mindset. Instead, their actions and deeds are almost the prototype of Osama bin Laden and other jihadist thugs.

Imran Khan supporters say – his opponents have embezzled enough of the nation’s economy to cause a fiscal disaster. They say, “Pakistan needs that money for survival”. But they do not utter a word about state-patronization of terrorism and militancy – the much bigger problem which has been destroying the country inch-by-inch. They do not go for a soul-searching asking, why any nation in the world would throw their cash into a jihadist and terrorist hotspot.

Religious extremism is Pakistan’s home-grown problem which was born in 1947 when it emerged into an independent nation, and that problem has now become a monster or Frankenstein – all with the blessings of its leadership and its military establishment. Since 1947, Pakistani rulers invested in terrorism and jihadism instead of improving the lives of the people.

Commenting on Pakistan’s current situation, an analyst in India told me: “If Pakistan falls apart, no harm will come to India. Only good can come out of it. Death and destruction of evil never hurts the good. The fear that a lot of Pakistani refugees would spill over into India is unfounded. All India has to do is seal the borders and shoot on sight anyone attempting to cross over. And above all, prevent any Islamophilic government from coming to power in India or in any of the border states”.

Another analyst said: “Both India and Bangladesh should be worried, as the American CIA is in the midst of destabilizing Pakistan – with an ulterior agenda against India as India has not become America’s new enemy. Washington wants to turn Pakistan into a vessel state by planting its own puppet regime in Islamabad. By implementing this nefarious agenda, America wants to establish its influence within the region – particularly by putting India and China under terrorist threats. After opening a liaison office of NATO in Tokyo, Washington would certainly look for opening another in Islamabad. This is a very dangerous game of the American Al Capones”.

Pakistan is currently under double-jeopardy. With its acute financial crisis, Imran Khan’s escalating confrontation with the army, where he has even charged the country’s military establishment and spy agency as murder conspirators, it is not unlikely that the country may ultimately head towards a bloody civil war. An analyst said: “Civil war in Pakistan is unavoidable. The implosion has actually already started. The main global concern will be their nukes falling into the hands of extremists or jihadists of Afghanistan. The only solution is – Pakistan’s military establishment and its mighty Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) should stop interfering into politics. Though there is little chance that Pakistan can finally overcome the current hurdles – if its military does not immediately step-back from meddling into politics – fall of the country may only get accelerated.


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