Jharkhand Weather LIVE: People suffering due to heat in Jharkhand, temperature of Bokaro crossed 42 degree


People suffering from heat, Bokaro’s temperature reached 42 degree

Summer is now showing its colors. Due to this the problems of the people have increased. On Saturday, the maximum temperature was 42 and the minimum temperature was 22 degree Celsius. According to the weather expert, at present there is no possibility of getting relief from the heat. There is a problem due to wind with strong sunlight. On the other hand, as the heat increased, Bijli Rani’s tantrums also started. Along with the city, the people of the rural areas are also troubled by the irregular power supply. Sometimes dark clouds are looming in the sky. But, they are disappearing without rain. Due to the scorching sun and humid heat, silence spreads on the market and roads from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. General Physician Dr. Randhir Singh said: In such weather there is a shortage of water in the body. Keep consuming drinking water. If you feel any kind of problem, see the doctor immediately.


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