Bihar: Firing on the car of Chief Councilor of Banmankhi, Purnia, the driver chased and caught a miscreant


Purnia: The criminals ran away after firing on the Scorpio of the Chief Councilor of Banmankhi Municipal Council. Three criminals riding on a bike without number attacked Chief Councilor Sanjana Devi. All the people narrowly escaped. The incident took place on Saturday evening when the chief councilor was going in her Scorpio. Apart from the driver, his son was also in the car with him. Suddenly two youths riding on Pulsar started firing on the vehicle. A criminal has been caught due to the prudence of the Scorpio driver.

The incident was told.

Brajesh, the son of the chief councilor, told about the incident in front of the Banmankhi police that we were returning from Purnia after getting our mother treated. On the way, near Shishwa railway station, two youths came close to the vehicle riding a Pulsar. The young man sitting behind the bike took out his weapon and fired one round at my car. The bullet hit the bonnet of my car and all of us narrowly escaped.

bike rider chased criminals

The son of the chief councilor said that after this the driver of my car started chasing the bike-borne criminals. On the way, near the huge Bajrangi temple in Banmankhi, again a bullet was fired by the bike rider. He had raised the weapon to fire the third shot that the driver of my car pushed the bike rider. Due to which all the three criminals fell down from the bike. One

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a criminal was caught

It was further told in the statement that when the criminals fell from the bike, we gathered the people by creating an uproar. The local people snatched the weapon from the scumbag who had a weapon in his hand and started beating him. Meanwhile, two criminals managed to escape. The incident was informed by the local people to the Banmankhi police. Acting on the information, the police took quick action and detained a criminal along with the weapon and brought him to the police station. After this, the police admitted the criminals to the sub-divisional hospital Banmankhi for treatment.

Outrage against the police

The criminals’ bike, an Android phone, a weapon have been recovered from the spot. During treatment in the hospital, the police interrogated the criminal and the criminal told his name as Rishi Kumar, father Kaleshwar Yadav, address Tiwari Tola Sukhasan district Saharsa. The information about the incident spread like a fire. Hundreds of people gathered in the police station. People fiercely created ruckus against the police regarding the criminal incidents happening in Banmankhi.

Said SDPO –

SDPO Hulas Kumar told that the criminal has been caught due to the understanding of the driver of the chief councilor. A katta, an Android phone has been recovered from the culprit. The name and address of the culprit is being verified. The name mentioned now is correct or wrong, it is being verified. On the instructions of the Superintendent of Police, a police team has been formed under the supervision of the SDPO. The investigation of the matter has been started.

Published By: Thakur Shaktilochan


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