Center’s ordinance on Delhi government’s rights, LG’s final decision on transfer-posting


It was not even a week after the Delhi government got the right to transfer officers from the Supreme Court that the central government issued an ordinance and again handed over this right to the LG. The Central Government has constituted the National Capital Civil Services Authority for transfer and posting of officers in Delhi. As per the ordinance, the CM of Delhi will be the ex-officio chairman of the authority, while the principal home secretary of Delhi will be the ex-officio member secretary. The Chief Secretary will also be its member. The authority will recommend transfer-appointment on the basis of majority. According to the ordinance, the final decision on transfer will be of the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal alleged: Here, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has alleged against the ordinance issued by the Center that it is planning to issue an ordinance to overturn the decision of the Supreme Court. Significantly, just a week before the ordinance was issued, the Supreme Court had handed over the control of police, law and order and all other services in the national capital to the Delhi government. CM Arvind Kejriwal has termed the ordinance of the Center as a hoax with the Supreme Court.

This unconstitutional ordinance of the Central Government- AAP: The Delhi government has to say about the ordinance of the Center that this ordinance of the Center is an attempt to take away the powers given by the Supreme Court to the elected government of Delhi. You said that the Center is doing this to stop the work of the Delhi government. AAP also alleged that the central government has brought this unconstitutional ordinance at a time when the Supreme Court will remain closed due to vacation.

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What’s in the ordinance: The Ordinance of the Center states that there shall be an authority to be called the National Capital Public Service Authority, which shall exercise the powers conferred on it and discharge the responsibilities assigned to it. The Chief Minister of Delhi will be its chairman in the Authority. Apart from this, the Chief Secretary and Principal Home Secretary will be members. According to the Ordinance, all issues to be decided by the Authority shall be decided by a majority of the members present and voting. All the recommendations of the authority will be verified by the member secretary.with language input


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