Bihar News: Boat filled with 40 people overturned in Gandak river, one woman missing


A small boat full of passengers overturned on the Gandak river on Saturday morning at the Godiya Patti Ghat in Bagaha. In which there is information about the disappearance of a woman. It is being told that there were 40 people in a boat. All the riders were going to Diyara for farming in a small boat. During which this accident happened. The same woman was badly injured. Whose treatment is going on in the sub-divisional hospital Bagaha. The injured woman has been identified as Subhavati Devi, wife of Chinta Yadav, resident of city ward number 14 Shastri Nagar Jaralhiya Tola.

a woman missing

At the same time, the missing woman during this accident has not been found yet. The missing woman has been identified as Lalmati Devi, wife of Rajkumar, resident of Godiyapatti, ward number 16 of the city. Some people are telling that the missing woman has gone to Diyara. While some people say that the woman has drowned in the river. At present, the missing woman is being searched by the local people.

Rider and sailor fled after the accident

The rider and the sailor escaped after the accident with the unregistered boat. Here, as soon as the information about the incident was received, City Police Station President Anil Kumar Sinha along with the police force had reached the spot. Although no one is ready to tell anything from the police administration. It is being told that the treatment of some injured is also going on in private clinics.

small boat operation

Actually Bagaha is situated on the banks of Gandak river. In Gandak Diara, on the other side of Gandak, people are engaged in agriculture. Every morning in connection with farming, people cross the Gandak river by boat and go to Diyara to do farming. In such a situation, in order to reach quickly, people also take support of small boats. Because to go on big boats one has to wait for a long time.

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SDRF team coming

In this context, Abhishek Anand, a CO of Block Bagaha said that the incident has been reported. After reaching the spot, the condition of the object has been reviewed. A missing woman is being reported. Whose SDRF team is being called seriously to search for the woman. He told that unregistered boats and sailors are being identified. So that departmental action can be taken against them.



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