2000 Rupee Note: On the closure of two thousand notes, there is happiness in Bihar, somewhere there is sorrow, know what the traders say


2000 Rupee Currency: The Reserve Bank has decided to keep the two thousand note out of circulation. Although the central bank has made it clear that Rs 2,000 notes will continue to be legal tender, this decision is not demonetisation. The Reserve Bank has also said that Rs 2,000 notes can be deposited or exchanged in banks till September 30. Its process will start from May 23, but there was a difference of opinion among businessmen on the withdrawal of Rs 2000 note. Some traders said that this would affect the growth of the market and some said that this note was not in circulation for a long time. This will not affect the market. The views of businessmen are being kept here.

The effect of 2000 note being taken out of circulation will be visible in the market. It is not necessary that those who have 2000 notes should be exchanged in all the banks. When the money stops somewhere, it is natural that it will affect the market. This decision of the Reserve Bank is not appropriate. Government should consider this

, Sajjan Sharma, General Secretary, Chamber of Commerce

The growth of the market will be affected. This decision of the government is not correct. After the stoppage of 2000 note, the problems of traders will increase. Market growth will be affected. When there is no money in the market then how will the market be fine. Demonetisation is not the solution to any problem. Its effect will be seen in the coming times. Business will be affected. The Reserve Bank will not get any benefit of stopping its circulation.

, Sanjay Kumar, bullion trader

Not demonetisation, just out of circulation 2000 notes were not in circulation in the market. This note is with the big capitalists. Only 3.67 lakh crore notes of Rs 2000 were in circulation in the entire country. This was only 0.8 percent of the entire note in circulation. It will not make any difference on the market. Even so, this is not demonetisation. Only it has been taken out of circulation.

, Pramod Jajodia, Electronics Businessman

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There will be no impact on the market, there will be no impact on the market if the Rs 2,000 note is taken out of circulation. This note is out of circulation. Has not closed. Whoever has this note can go to the bank and deposit it. I do not understand if this will have any effect on the market. Black money will come out with this decision of the government.

, Ravi Motani, Chinese businessman

The effect of any new change is both positive and negative. 2000 note is not visible in the market since a long time. The situation will be clear in a week. Sales will definitely be affected. Its positive aspect will also come to the fore.

, Mayank Kumar Sunny, bullion trader

The effect of closing two thousand notes will be directly on the purchase, earlier cash transaction of more money used to happen. Purchase sale was both retail and wholesale which will be affected. The announcement has just been made, what happens next will be known in a week.

, Sonu Kumar, bullion trader

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