Supreme Court hearing against Anand Mohan’s release today, will Bahubali go to jail again?


Bihar: Bihar’s Bahubali former MP Anand Mohan (Anand Mohan)’s release from jail is to be heard in the Supreme Court today. Uma Krishnaiah, wife of the then DM of Gopalganj G Krishnaiah, has approached the Supreme Court against his release. Earlier, the hearing on the petition filed by Uma Krishnaiah against the release of Anand Mohan was held on 8 May. Justice Suryakant and Justice JK Maheshwari had issued notice to the Bihar government and Anand Mohan in the first hearing. Along with this, a re-hearing of the matter was sought within two weeks.

Hearing can be held after noon

The hearing of the case in the Supreme Court is likely to take place in the afternoon in the bench of Justice JS Pardiwala and Justice Suryakant. Senior advocate AP Singh will represent Anand Mohan in the court. It is being told that he has prepared the answer to the notice given by the court in the last hearing, which will be kept in the court. Let us tell you that AP Singh is also presenting his side in the Supreme Court in the case of YouTuber Manish Kashyap who is lodged in Tamil Nadu jail. It is understood that the court will discuss the law related to the release of Anand Mohan during the hearing.

Bihar: Coming out of jail, Anand Mohan painted in political colour, said- ‘If I am guilty, I am ready to be hanged…’

Anand Mohan was jailed for the murder of G Krishnaiah

Anand Mohan was in jail for the last 16 years for the murder of the then DM of Gopalganj, G Krishnaiah. Recently, 26 other prisoners along with him were released from jail by amending a law by the state government. After this the controversy started. Politics is also hot in Bihar regarding the matter. It is understood that an answer will be filed by the state government in the matter or it may seek time from the court to file a counter affidavit.



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