Rafael Nadal out of French Open due to hip injury, will play last match in 2024


former world number one player Rafael Nadal announced on Thursday that he is withdrawing from the French Open due to a hip injury and that he expects 2024 to be the last season of his professional career. clay court grand slam tournament Nadal, who won a record 14 titles in the French Open, will not be able to play in this tournament for the first time since his debut in 2005. Nadal has so far won 22 Grand Slam titles.

Nadal has won the Grand Slam 22 times.

Rafael Nadal, who turns 37 next month, gave information about his comeback and future plans during a press conference at his tennis academy in Menacor, Spain. He said that he does not want to set a date for his return to the tennis tour but expects it to take a few months. The 22-time Grand Slam champion said, ‘You never know how things will be in the future but I intend that next year will be my last year (on the professional tour).’

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French Open will start from May 28

The French Open will begin on May 28 at Roland Garros in Paris. Rafael Nadal has won 112 matches participating in the French Open 18 times and has lost only three times, which is a world record in the women’s and men’s categories in any one Grand Slam. When Nadal won the trophy last year at the age of 36 while battling chronic foot pain, he became the oldest champion in the tournament’s history.

Nadal has stopped training

Nadal said, ‘I am going to stop, I am not training. I am not ready for training. He said that there were many moments of despair in these many months and I can deal with the frustration but there comes a time when you have to stop. He had said earlier also that after an age you do not want to get injured and there are enough chances of injury to give your best.


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