Obama was aware of Biden family corruption


House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) made a claim during a recent interview that implicated former President Barack Obama in regard to allegations involving the family of his then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Comer, in an interview with the Great America Show, hosted by Lou Dobbs, hinted that Obama was aware of the Biden family’s questionable international business deals that have been the focus of a years-long federal probe.

“I believe, Lou, that it’s because he knew what Joe Biden was doing the last year of his vice presidency”, Comer said.

“He knew his son (Hunter Biden) was no good, and he knew this was nothing but a political liability not just for our country, not just for the democrat party, but for Obama’s legacy”, the Kentucky Republican added.

Comer also raised the possibility that Obama’s awareness of the family’s business dealings might have influenced his hesitation to fully endorse Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020.

“So, I think that’s why Obama didn’t want Joe Biden to run for president. I think they knew about this”, Comer said, referencing the Biden family’s dealings. “And remember, a lot of these coverups would have happened during the Obama administration with Obama appointees in these deep state bureaucracies”.

He also suggested that Obama be questioned under oath about what he may have known back then.

“This would be a great question for Obama: Were you aware of what was going on with Joe Biden with respect to foreign policy and some of these ragtag countries around the world?” Comer told Dobbs.

Recently, Comer said he has received credible allegations that Hunter Biden’s legal team is threatening and intimidating potential witnesses.

“We’ve got witnesses that are scared to death to come forward. They fear for their lives,” he told the Just the News podcast this week.

Comer said pressure was being put on witnesses from his district, adding banks that complied with subpoenas issued by his Oversight and Accountability Committee are being pressured by high-ranking officials in the Democrat Party.

Comer told the program that he was deeply concerned about legal letters and implied threats that have been sent to witnesses by supporters of Hunter Biden. According to reports, cooperating banks have received threats, and political attack campaigns have been financed in the districts of some lawmakers who are investigating allegations of influence peddling by the Biden family.

“The Hunter Biden legal team — they’re testing the limits”, Comer said. “I’ll put it like that with respect to witness intimidation. I mean, just look in my district. We’ve got dark money groups that are being funded through prominent high-ranking Democrat officials in Congress. Also, the communications director for the White House continues to retweet things trying to intimidate me for having the audacity to investigate.

“We’ve got witnesses that are scared to death to come forward. They fear for their lives. I mean, you’ve got the banks that have worked with us, they’re being squeezed by attorneys, by high-ranking officials in the Democrat Party for having the nerve to work with us to comply with our subpoenas”, he added.

As lawyers for Hunter Biden met with the DOJ to discuss the possibility of criminal charges, the case has heated up. Additionally, an IRS whistleblower received permission from the House Ways and Means Committee to testify to lawmakers about political interference in the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax affairs.

During the past two years, congressional investigators have had access to an email from Hunter Biden’s business associate, Eric Schwerin, in which he warned Biden that he had failed to pay taxes on $400,000 in income received from Ukraine energy company Burisma Holdings, dating back to 2014.

Schwerin is now cooperating with Comer’s investigation, according to the Kentucky Republican.


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