Campa Cola’s bottling plant will soon be set up in Gida, Gorakhpur, the company asked for 30 acres more land from Gida


Gorakhpur, Campa Cola’s bottling plant is going to be established soon in Gida, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. This is the most popular brand of the 1970s and 1980s, Campa Cola. Reliance Industries Limited is launching it afresh. The plan to set up a bottling plant of an Indian soft drink brand is going to be finalized soon. Reliance Industries Limited has bought this brand from Pure Drinks, the maker of Campa Cola. Reliance company is preparing to launch it afresh. Like the bottling plant of PepsiCo is being set up by Varun Bebergenz. Similarly, the responsibility of setting up the bottling plant of this indigenous brand Campa Cola has been given to Indian company Micromax, a mobile phone maker, on behalf of RIL. To establish this, Micromax company has started talks with the management of Gida.

The company sought 30 more acres of land from Gida.

30 acres of land is needed to set up this bottling plant. The company has demanded 30 acres of land from Gida. The representatives of the company will soon come to Gorakhpur to see the land. Gida’s CEO Pawan Agarwal told that the company has approached to set up another bottling plant in Gida. The official of Micromax Company has contacted regarding the bottling plant and soon the representative of the company will come to Gorakhpur. He told that he has demanded 30 acres of land to build the bottling plant. Land will be made available on priority. Talks are also being held with some other companies.

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Company Pure Drinks launches homegrown brand Campa Cola

Let us tell you that Coca-Cola and PepsiCo company are currently occupying the market of soft drinks in the country. The product of Coca Cola was first started in the country. But after the Emergency, when the production of this foreign brand was stopped in the country, Pure Drink, the first producer of it in India, launched the indigenous brand Campa Cola. In India, its name was on the tongue of the people for a decade and a half. In the era of liberalization, once again Coca-Cola returned, after that PepsiCo also started its production in India. After which the names of these two companies were in the market. Now after buying the Campa Cola brand from RIL, it is being launched afresh. Preparations are on to launch it in Gorakhpur.

Report – Kumar Pradeep, Gorakhpur


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