Aligarh Municipal Commissioner inspected the construction works of Smart City late night, found many flaws


Aligarh. The Aligarh Municipal Commissioner of UP conducted a surprise inspection of the construction works of Smart City late on Tuesday night. During this, instructions were given to rectify the deficiencies. The Municipal Commissioner was angry on getting less labor in the construction work. At the same time, instructions have been given to complete all the construction works of the Smart City project within the stipulated time. Late on Tuesday, Aligarh Smart City CEO and Municipal Commissioner Amit Aseri conducted a random inspection of the construction work being done at various places in the metropolis under Aligarh Smart City Limited. The Municipal Commissioner first saw the construction of Kalwat Pulia under construction of Smart City near Chikr Mahal near Raja Mahendra Pratap Park, where labor was found in small numbers while doing the construction work. On which the Municipal Commissioner expressed his displeasure and instructed to complete this work by employing adequate labor. Expressing displeasure on finding broken foundation tiles of Kapuri Thakur statue in front of the telephone exchange during the inspection, instructed to get it repaired immediately.

Aligarh Municipal Commissioner inspected late night

Under the project of Aligarh Smart City Limited at Sutmil Crossroads, under the project of Aligarh Smart City Limited, in collaboration with PWD, during the inspection of construction of mini bridge and raft foundation work under construction of Junction Improvement, the Municipal Commissioner directed to complete this project of Sarsaul Crossroads in each case by 31st July. Gave instructions to. The Municipal Commissioner gave instructions to Chief Engineer Suresh Chand to continue the war-level construction work on this project in both shifts day and night and to physically verify the labor employed every week. During the inspection of underground cable, road redevelopment and footpath construction work on GT Road till Suraksha Vihar Chharra Adda, the Municipal Commissioner instructed the Chief Engineer to take special care of the standard and quality and speed up the construction work. He instructed to get the work of footpath and underground cable done at night with additional labor and lights and set a deadline to complete this work by the end of May.

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City commissioner expressed displeasure

The Municipal Commissioner also instructed to prepare and present the Resume Smart City Group underground cable in 3D map. The Municipal Commissioner also saw the construction work being done in Rasalganj under improvement and here instructed the Chief Engineer to get its construction peeler etc. tested from IIT Roorkee and Shri Ram Testing Lab Delhi. During the inspection of Baradwari, the Municipal Commissioner expressed his displeasure over the non-completion of the construction work at night and asked the CNDS officials the reason for this. During the inspection with the Municipal Commissioner, Chief Engineer Suresh Chand Dijia, Smart City Rajesh Kaushal, PRO Ehsan Rab Steno Kaushal Sharma etc. were with him.

Input- Alok Singh Aligarh


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