Boiled food is 90 percent of Virat Kohli’s diet, know what are the secrets of this batsman’s fitness


Team India former captain and star batsman Virat Kohli Work really hard to stay on top of your game. He has a special focus on fitness. Virat Kohli is also very cautious about his diet. In a recent interview, he has revealed that about 90 per cent of his food is boiled. Initially there was a problem, but now it has become a habit.

Virat Kohli disclosed

In an interview with Star Sports, Virat Kohli revealed that when you think about your fitness, it is important to think about food. An athlete needs things like vitamins, extra hydration, protein, but getting the balance right will be a big challenge. He said that initially eating was a ‘challenge’ for him. But now he can eat the same food three times a day for six months in a row.

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Diet management is necessary for fitness

He said that the basic challenge I felt in terms of fitness is food. Talking about his strict and restricted diet, Kohli said that 90 percent of my food is steamed and boiled. No spice. Only salt, pepper and lime. This is how I eat. I’m not a big fan of the taste of food, I don’t care about the taste. Salad, I like it with a little dressing. I eat only daal, but no masala curry.

Virat Kohli is Rajma’s lover

Kohli said that although I eat Rajma and Lobhiya. Can’t leave him as a Punjabi. Please tell that the doctors of the National Cricket Academy have also praised Virat’s fitness. Last year, in a report from NCA, it was claimed that Virat Kohli is the only player who has not needed rehabilitation in NCA for a long time. He takes special care of his fitness.


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