Ahmedabad: Ahmedabadites will have to be ready to face another inflation, know


Now people in Ahmedabad have to be ready to bear another blow of inflation. AMTS and BRTS fares are likely to increase. There may be a proposal to increase the rent in the near future. There is also talk of giving oral approval by the Municipal Commissioner in this regard. Then another burden may fall on the urban people. Since students and middle class people usually travel in BRTS and AMTS, this hike in fares will increase their expenditure as well. It will be their turn to bear the brunt of inflation. Informed sources have expressed the possibility that this price hike will be implemented from next month.

Meanwhile, the AMC has also red eyed the property holders for tax arrears. Actions to delinquent property tax liens range from notices to property auctions. Despite strict action, tax will be collected by auctioning the property of the property holder by the tax department of the Municipal Corporation, if the tax is not paid. In which Highland located in front of Choice Restaurant on CG Road in Navrangpura area Rs. Tax of 1.70 crores has not been paid till date.


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