Bihar: Bulldozers run in Bhagalpur, houses were pulled out from inside and demolished


In Bihar’s Bhagalpur, the administration’s bulldozers ran from 10 am to 6 pm on the second day regarding the construction of SH-84 Ghogha-Panjwara road. More than a dozen acquired houses near ROB were demolished and the land and houses were vacated from the possession of ryots for road construction. It is being told that the houses were being demolished by the district administration after forcibly evicting people from their houses. Due to this, the angry people even started pelting stones.

seeking rehabilitation

Demanding rehabilitation Babli Devi, Premlata Devi, Arun Sah, Gurudev Sah, Khublal Mandal, Ramshish Yadav, Chijo Mandal, Gorakh Yadav kept demanding rehabilitation while talking about proper evaluation. While continuing with their demands, they protested and got entangled with the police. When the turn came to demolish the houses of Arun Shah, Gurudev Shah, Santosh Shah, they pelted stones at the police. Many people got injured in this incident. The police had to use force to demolish the houses acquired for road construction. The police had to struggle a lot to get the displaced families out of their homes. The women of the displaced family were forcibly evicted from the house by the women police personnel, only then the process of demolishing the house was started. During this, there were several scuffles with the police.

plight of the displaced

All the houses which were demolished in the action, all the belongings of the family are lying scattered on the side of the road. Some were sending goods to their relative’s house, while some wife and children were seen sending the goods to their in-laws’ house. Landlord Lalita Devi says that we have no option to live now. Where will we go now We became completely homeless. The day will pass somehow, but the trouble will increase in the night. There will be more trouble especially in front of women members. Apart from Kahalgaon CO, Ram Avtar Yadav, Ghogha, Sanhaula and Rasalpur police, SRF police team, barge team Kahalgaon, riot control force were present on the occasion.

Report: Nilesh Pratap Yadav


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