Strong welcome to Baba Bageshwar in Patna, follow this route to reach the venue of Hanumat Katha


Bihar News: Dhirendra Krishna Shastri is going to recite Hanumat Katha in Bihar from today. A grand program is being organized at Taret Pali Math in Naubatpur. Baba Bageshwar has reached Patna. Here he was warmly welcomed. Strict security arrangements have been made by the administration regarding the crowd coming during the story recitation. Please tell that a pandal has been made in three lakh square feet regarding the story. Lakhs of people are expected to come here.

Entry of devotees will be free

According to the information, story recitation will start here between three to four o’clock. Whereas, on May 15, the matter of holding a divine court from 12 to 3 o’clock has come to the fore. This program, which started on Saturday, will run till May 17. In which, any devotee can join. Their entry is going to be free. The devotee is very excited about this story. Apart from different districts of Bihar, devotees are also coming from Bengal, Jharkhand and Nepal. There is a possibility of a crowd of many people reaching the capital.

You will be able to watch LIVE program of Bageshwar Baba Darbar in Patna sitting at home, also know the timing of the story…

About 50,000 vehicles will be parked in the story site

Significantly, according to the traffic plan, it has been advised to use the canal drain route of Patna AIIMS to reach the Hanumat Katha program venue. By doing this one can reach the story without getting disturbed. Many changes have been made by the traffic police regarding traffic. It is being told that the return of the vehicle from the story site will be through NH-139 only. Parking will be arranged at three places around the venue. Around 50 thousand vehicles can be parked here.

Published By: Sakshi Shiva

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