UP civic elections: After the mayoral election in Aligarh, market of speculation heats up, triangular contest between BJP, SP, BSP


UP Municipal Elections: 45.25 percent votes polled in Aligarh Municipal Corporation elections, which is less than the vote percentage of the previous elections. At the same time, there is a wrinkle on the forehead of the candidates due to the low voting percentage. Although the speed of lotus was seen in some areas, the movement of cycle and elephant was also cool. The fate of the candidates has been sealed in the EVM, now candidates and voters are speculating on the figures. But the food candidate inside is upset.

It was seen during voting that polarization has happened. But between which two people there is competition. It is hard to say. There was a contest between the BSP and the BJP in the last mayoral election. In which Bahujan Samaj Party won. This time there is a triangular contest between BJP, SP and BSP. Although the voting percentage is less than the 2017 election. Due to which the candidates of all the three parties are worried. Although the candidates have started reviewing the polling at the booths.

Slow house tax collection picks up pace in Aligarh, Municipal Corporation recovers Rs 57 crore

This time also the repetition of 2017 elections is seen. When the BJP MLAs won the city assembly and coal assembly, the Bahujan Samaj Party won the mayor’s election. At the same time, Muslim and Dalit alliance was seen in the election of Mayor. In 2012, both the Aligarh city and the Kol assembly had Muslim MLAs. Then the BJP candidate had won.

More than 9 lakh voters in Aligarh

There are more than nine lakh voters in Aligarh. In which there are more than three lakh Muslim voters. This time too, like 2017, SP and BSP have fielded Muslim candidates. In 2017, there was a one-sided polarization of Muslim votes. At the same time, there is bound to be polarization between SP and BSP. On the other hand, the Congress fielded Madhukar Sharma in the last mayoral election, who got more than 25,000 votes. This time too Congress has fielded a Brahmin candidate. On the other hand, the Aam Aadmi Party fielded Rajkumar Lodhi of the Lodhi Samaj in the election field. However, whose maths will he spoil. Brainstorming is going on on this.

counting of votes on 13 may

Voting started at a slow pace in the municipal elections on Thursday. At the same time, a crowd of people was seen under the flags of SP and BSP, but the tendency of Muslims towards SP was more visible. It is also being told behind this that with the help of Azad Samaj Party, there has been a good breach in Dalit and traditional OBC votes. Although the alliance of Dalit, Muslim and OBC votes is looking right. Which is giving strength to SP. However, Muslim candidates were also seen standing along with Dalits in the BSP camp. If the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party pulled the voters towards them, then the BJP may have to bear the loss. Although the fate of any one candidate will be revealed in the counting of votes on May 13, but a triangular fight is visible between BJP, SP and BSP.

Aligarh- Alok

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