Two youths died due to drowning in Budhi Gandak river while taking bath in Samastipur


Vibhutipur (Samastipur). Two youths died due to drowning while taking bath near Narhan old bridge of Budhi Gandak river passing through Narhan of police station area. Both the bodies have been recovered with the help of local divers. They have been identified as Anuj Kumar (19), son of Ajay Kumar, resident of Bhuswar police station area, and Pankaj Kumar, 20, son of Lalo Sharma, resident of Vibhutipur East Panchayat Ward 8. Police reached the information and sent the dead bodies to Sadar Hospital Samastipur for postmortem.

By then both the youths had drowned

It is said that both the youths had left the house in Narhan Bazar along with their four other friends. The old man went to bathe in the Gandak river. Meanwhile, a friend went into deep water. Seeing him drowning, another friend went to save him, but he also drowned. Seeing this, the third and fourth friends ran away shouting. This information was received by other people taking bath at the ghat and the fishermen who were fishing. By the time they reached there, both the youths had drowned. Meanwhile Vibhutipur police was informed about this. On information, the Zonal Officer and the police reached the spot and pulled out the dead bodies with the help of local divers and villagers.

doctor declared dead

As soon as the family members got the news of the incident, the condition of the family members started crying. Everyone reached the banks of old Gandak river crying. The dead bodies of the youths taken out of the water were taken to the Community Health Center. There the doctor declared him dead. Please tell that Anuj Kumar was the younger of two brothers and one sister. Second youth Pankaj Kumar’s mother Gudiya Devi and family members are in bad condition. Pankaj is also said to be elder among two brothers and one sister.


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