Rajasthan: Hanuman Beniwal gave air to Sachin Pilot’s rebellious attitude, Gehlot said, factionalists will not be successful


Sachin Pilot has become a headache for the Congress with his rebellious attitude. Increasing pressure on state Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and the Congress high command before the Rajasthan assembly elections, party leader Sachin Pilot started his ‘Jan Sangharsh Padyatra’ from Ajmer on Thursday afternoon. He said that his five-day yatra is ‘against corruption’ and told that this yatra is being taken out to ‘raise your voice, listen to your voice and become the voice of the people’. A large number of supporters are accompanying the pilot in this journey. On the first day, he walked about 25 km from Ajmer to Kishangarh’s Tolamal village.

RLP convenor and MP Hunman Beniwal came forward in support of Pilot

Let us tell you that a month ago, the former deputy chief minister had defied the party’s warning to go on a day-long fast, targeting Gehlot for his “inaction” over the alleged corruption during BJP’s rule. Here RLP convenor and MP Hanuman Beniwal has come forward in support of Pilot. He said, ‘If Sachin Pilot forms his own party, we will support him’.

Pilot’s statement before commencement of journey

Before starting the journey, the pilot held a meeting near Ashok Udyan on Jaipur Road in Ajmer. In this he said that the yatra is not against any (special person) but against corruption. He said that Congress raised the issue of corruption in the Karnataka assembly elections, so it is going to get majority there. Pilot said, “We have taken out this yatra to raise our voice, to listen to your voice, to become the voice of the people.” He said, “Jan Sangharsh Yatra is not against anyone. Jan Sangharsh Yatra is against corruption.

Those who do factionalism can never be successful in their life- Gehlot

Here, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said on Thursday that those who talk about their strangers and do factionalism can never be successful in their life. He said that only those who take everyone along are successful in a democracy and he has always tried this in his life. Gehlot was addressing the unveiling ceremony of the statue of Congress leader late Naval Kishore Sharma here. He said, “The one who takes everyone along is successful in a democracy. The one who talks about his strangers, the one who creates factionalism can never be successful in life. It is important to have this feeling.

ongoing tussle since 2018

Although Gehlot did not name anyone in his address, his statement came at a time when former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot started ‘Jan Sangharsh Padyatra’ from Ajmer on Thursday on issues like corruption and paper leak. Let us tell you that the assembly elections are going to be held in Rajasthan at the end of this year. There has been a tussle between Pilot and Chief Minister Gehlot over ‘leadership’ ever since the formation of the Congress government in the state in late 2018.


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