Bihar: Lakhs of fake mobile numbers closed, person created his fake identity to get 18 SIM cards


Patna. To curb cybercrime, the Department of Telecom has analyzed the faces of more than 87 crore SIM users across the country, including about seven crore people in Bihar and Jharkhand. This analysis has been done using artificial intelligence and facial recognition powered solution in collaboration with the Center for Development of Advanced Computing. During this, it was found that many people have taken many SIM cards on the basis of fake identity cards.

18 sim cards found with one person

A person has got 18 sim cards, which were taken by fake identity cards. Surprisingly, the photo is the same in all the identity cards given by that person, but the names are different. In some photos, he has kept a beard, while in others he is seen without a beard. To stop this fraud, more than 2.30 lakh mobile phone numbers were blocked in Bihar and Jharkhand in the month of April only this year. During the investigation, most of the cases have come up for presenting wrong photographs. This action is being taken on the basis of National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting.

2387 sales centers of Bihar and Jharkhand blacklisted

On the instructions of the Department of Telecom, 2,387 SIM card sales centers have been blacklisted in Bihar and Jharkhand. The Department of Telecom has deactivated over five thousand mobile phone numbers in Bihar and Jharkhand in the last one week as most of the SIM cards were allegedly purchased illegally. FIRs have been lodged against such people by telecom companies in several districts of Bihar including Patna and Gaya and also in Jharkhand.

Mobile financer arrested on fake documents from different districts of Bihar, know how he used to work

Legal action will be taken against such people

EoU’s Additional Director General Nayyar Hasnain Khan said that the latest action taken report of the Department of Telecom is being analyzed so that further legal action can be initiated. Action will be taken against those who violate the law.


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