Agra: Fierce fire broke out in the medical store of SN Emergency, medicines worth lakhs burnt to ashes


UP: A massive fire broke out due to a short circuit in the Suman Medical Store of Pitambara Pharmacy, located outside the Emergency of SN Medical College, Agra. The fire was so strong that all the medicines kept in the medical store were burnt to ashes. Before the arrival of the fire brigade, the hospital staff controlled the fire by pouring water. It is being told that due to the fire, there was a loss of lakhs of rupees in the medical store.

Loss of lakhs due to fire

The company of Jhansi was engaged in the medical store named Suman Medical Store of Pitambara Pharmacy. A loss of about ₹ 8 to ₹ 900000 lakh is being reported from the fire. At the same time, the fire brigade department was also informed. Due to which the fire brigade came on the spot and controlled the fire. However, there is no information about any casualty in this fire.

Harshit Baghel, who runs Suman Medical Store and was present in the medical at the time of the incident, told that around 12:30 he was engaged in the shop. Smoke started coming out of the AC. He went out to see it. There was a fire burning outside. Whom they got busy in extinguishing. Meanwhile, the plastic goods kept inside the medical store caught fire and the entire medical store caught fire. We made a lot of efforts to extinguish the fire by taking water. But the fire could not be extinguished. Because of which goods worth lakhs of rupees kept in the shop were burnt to ashes.

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What did the Principal of SN Medical College tell

Principal of SN Medical College, Dr. Prashant Gupta says that the fire broke out due to short circuit in the medical store. There has been no loss of life in this fire. The fire was brought under control by the hospital staff even before the fire brigade arrived.



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