Surat: For the first time in India, Underwater Tunnel Aquarium Fair in Surat


For the first time in India the Underwater Tunnel Aquarium Fair has been organized at DMD Party Plot Vesu Surat. For the first time in the country, the wonderful city of Varyam, Surat has the most beautiful fair ever to be seen on vacation. Telling about the fair, the organizer of the fair Brijesh Hitesh Patel said that this event has been organized for the first time in Surat. This event has been organized since last April 25, which will continue in the coming days as well. This fair runs daily from 3:30 pm to 11:00 pm. Describing the specialty of this fair, Brijesh Bhai said that more than 5 thousand species of fish are available in the Under Water Tunnel Aquarium Fair. Dozens of these species have been brought from Australia, Singapore and Thailand.

Brijeshbhai Patel, 33, originally from Anand in Gujarat and living with his family in Surat’s Katar village for the last 45 years, says that our father Hiteshbhai has been organizing the fair for the last 22-23 years. Brijeshbhai is handling this business (event) of his father for the last 10 years. He told that apart from various cities of the country, there is an opportunity to go abroad for the events of the fair. What is new in foreign countries and what is not in our country.

In this context, for the first time in India, the idea of ​​an underwater tunnel aquarium fair came up in Surat. He had seen such fairs during his foreign stay in Dubai, Singapore. The urge to always do something new in the market inspired him to organize this fair. It is worth mentioning that Brijesh Bhai has been organizing beautiful fairs held at Vanita Vishram Ground in Surat city. Appealing to the people of Surat, he said that they should not miss this beautiful Aquarium Fair.


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