Commercial Bank wins the “Best Customer Service Initiative” award


The Commercial Bank won the “Best Customer Service Initiative” award in Qatar for the year 2023 from the “International Finance” magazine.
This award represents another distinguished addition to the bank’s successful journey, which will set standards for providing exceptional service initiatives that enhance customer experiences, with a focus on digital service platforms and the customer contact center to empower customers in the fast-paced banking scene and constant activity. Commercial Bank’s unwavering commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience stems from its comprehensive digital transformation and automation-focused approach, thereby positioning itself at the forefront of banking innovation.
There are many notable successes in the bank’s award-winning customer experience initiative, on top of which are advanced digital solutions that provide a seamless banking experience, empowering our customers through the latest tools and services tailored to the contemporary banking landscape. In this context, the simplified and secure phone banking experience through the call center, facilitating identity verification through biometric audio service technology, providing self-service options for everyday banking needs, and the upcoming launch of visual banking services, are proving excellent Commercial Bank is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by offering solutions that are both convenient and sophisticated. In addition, the bank worked to enhance the means of communication with customers, and to ensure that its customers receive clear, timely, and brief updates on daily banking transactions, and to keep them informed continuously of the latest developments to ensure constant communication with all groups. Commenting on this award, Leonie Lethbridge, Executive General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Commercial Bank, said: “Customer feedback is one of the most powerful tools that helps us to constantly improve and improve our services, which starts with listening to our customers as well as the customer service staff who communicate directly with our customers. With this distinguished award, Commercial Bank confirms its unwavering pursuit of excellence, adoption of innovation and technology to empower customers and shape the future of banking services.


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