GoFirst stops booking tickets till May 15, DGCA directs passengers to refund money


New Delhi, 04 May (Hindustan Times). Airlines company GoFirst has stopped ticket booking for flights till May 15. Along with this, the company has also canceled all its flights till May 9. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has directed the airline to return the money for canceled flights to the passengers.

According to a statement issued by DGCA on Thursday, GoFirst has stopped booking tickets for its flights till May 15. The airline has said that it will either refund the ticket money to the passengers or allow them to board the flight at a future date. Following GoFirst’s response, the DGCA has directed the airline to refund the ticket money within the time frame prescribed under extant regulations.

On the other hand, GoFirst Airline has said that it has canceled all its flights till May 9. Earlier, the airline was issued a show cause notice by the DGCA following its decision to suspend its flights for three days from May 3.


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