Congress appeases terror and terrorists: Narendra Modi


New Delhi, 02 May (Hindustan Times). Prime Minister and senior BJP leader Narendra Modi on Tuesday accused the Congress of terror and appeasement of terrorists. He referred to the encounter at Batla House in Delhi. He said that the tallest Congress leader had tears in her eyes after hearing the news of the terrorists being killed. These people question the capability of the country’s forces in surgical strikes and air strikes.

Prime Minister Modi said in an election public meeting in Chitradurga, Karnataka on Tuesday that this is the first election of Karnataka in the amritkal of independence. This election will decide the height of development Karnataka will touch in the next 25 years. The senior BJP leader accused the Congress of making false promises to the public. He said that Congress can never match the work done by his party. Along with this, he made a special mention of the work done in the education sector. He said that his government had built more than 400 Eklavya Model Schools for tribals. At the same time, the Congress government also created a scam in the children’s uniform.

Accusing the opposition Congress and Janata Dal Secular of not developing the state in priority, the Prime Minister said that the public should beware of both the parties. These are two for show while their actions are the same. Both of them do politics of corruption and familyism and divide the society.

The Prime Minister said that the resolution of the BJP government is to complete the Upper Bhadra Irrigation Project. For this, a budget of 5.5 thousand crores has been fixed. Congress and Janata Dal Secular have always ignored this project. Actually both these parties do not care about the farmers. Praising the BJP’s resolution letter, the Prime Minister said that in this, emphasis has been laid on making Karnataka the number one state in the country, creating modern infrastructural facilities and empowering women.


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