The thriller horror film ‘Bera-Ek Aghori’ will hit the theaters on 28th April


Producer Raju Bharti’s horror film Bera – Ek Aghori, presented by Dhiral Entertainment, will be releasing simultaneously across all theaters on 28th April. Basically this horror movie has not only scary scenes but also interesting and breathtaking scenes. It also has a tinge of romance along with mystery, adventure, which will be liked by the youth.

Shakti Dhiral, Prem Dhiral and Prajakta Shinde have performed tremendously in the film. The beautiful Prajakta dances both the lovers Shakti and Prem on her finger and being fascinated herself swings like a pendulum between the two, which will be very exciting to watch. Written by Shaktiveer Dhiral and directed by Prem Dhiral, this film is full of entertainment.

It is a new-age, new-age film with new ideas, which will be thoroughly enjoyed by the youngsters. The film’s music composer duo Prem-Shakti has given the melodious music. Sung By Bollywood Singer Nakash Aziz, Shahid Mallya And Vaishali, The Songs Are Expected To Be Popular.


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