Surat: Unprecedented organ donation, donation of 6 organs of 9 year old brain dead child


An unprecedented incident of organ donation of a small child has happened in Surat. The Antala family of Puna village has presented an example of humanity by donating 6 organs of a 9-year-old brain dead child studying in class-4. The family, who has been undergoing treatment for two days at AIIMS Hospital in Simada area of ​​Surat, has taken a bold decision to donate all the organs of the brain dead child. New life has been given to 6 needy patients by donating the liver, two kidneys, lungs and two eyes of a brain dead child. Lungs were taken to MGM Hospital Chennai and liver and kidney to Ahmedabad for transplant. Due to the small size of the heart, the transplant could not be done.

According to Nileshbhai Mandlewala, the founder of Donate Life, Nayanbhai Antala is originally a resident of Dhari in Amreli district and a gem artist living in Yogidarshan Society near Poona village in Surat. Nayanbhai had a 9-year-old only son, Aarav, with a normal economic status. On April 9, Aarav suffered a head injury while playing. So the family took him to Vatsalya Hospital in Kamrej for immediate treatment. Where Dr. Hitesh Kalsaria, posted on duty, understood the seriousness of the child’s injury after first aid and referred him to AIIMS (AAIHMS) Multispeciality Hospital, Simada.

The team of neurosurgeon doctors immediately operated on the child’s brain to save his life. Neurosurgeon, I.C.U. Despite all the efforts of the medical team, Aarav was declared brain dead three days later on the night of 22nd. Since the donation of vital organs of the child can give new life to the needy, the doctors informed the family about organ donation.

It is with a heavy heart that the grieving Antala family, including parents Kiranben and Nayanbhai, who lost their son, took the humane and courageous decision of donating their braindead innocent baby Aarav’s organs. Relatives told that they have read and seen many times about organ donation in newspapers and news channels. We have a common understanding that organ donation gives life to others. Our Aarav is no longer in this world, but what can be a greater service than organ donation if he lives in the bodies of other needy persons? After saying this, the family agreed to donate all possible organs of Arav.

With the consent of this family, which became an inspiration for the society by deciding to donate organs in their hour of grief, the process of organ donation was completed according to the guidelines of Soto with the help of Nileshbhai Mandlewala of Donate Life organization.


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