Spending Eid in Qatar… the best option


Kifaya Abudiya: The joy of Eid is complete with the presence of family and friends
Muhammad Adel: Traveling contradicts the great purpose of the holidays
Lulwa Al-Mughisib: I prefer to stay with my family, even if there is an option to travel

Sources working in the tourism sector indicated an increase in travel bookings to spend Eid Al-Fitr to regional destinations such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, and special tourism destinations for families such as Turkey and countries in Eastern Europe, in addition to some European destinations such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and some Asian destinations such as Thailand.
And at a time when some see that the holidays are tasteless without the presence of family and friends and consider that the joy of the feast is complete with the presence of the family, others prefer to spend the holiday abroad.
Mrs. Kifaya Abudia, owner of a tourism company in Qatar, said that the demand for travel during the Eid holiday is witnessing increasing levels of growth, as the levels of demand began to rise significantly with the beginning of the last ten days of Ramadan, to reach their peak a day or two before Eid.
She mentioned that the most popular destinations during this period are London in the first place, followed by Cairo, the Maldives and some nearby Asian tourist destinations. Regarding the prices of domestic tourism, Mrs. Kifaya said that the state has provided fun and free indoor activities everywhere in the country, but unfortunately hotel prices remain High, which prompts some to prefer to travel outside the country to spend the Eid vacation.
Kifaya added, “We have recently launched a group of limited tourism offers, especially since the Eid holiday coincides with the weekend period and is considered a relatively long vacation. She added that the tourism sector in Doha, and the country, has flourished greatly, benefiting from moderate temperatures, events, events and festivals that attracted many visitors and tourists from outside the country. She stressed that the tourism sector succeeded in getting out of the effects of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) to continue its growth and activity in a natural way, explaining that the tourism market of the State of Qatar is excellent, as it records an active domestic tourism movement in addition to attracting increasing numbers of visitors and tourists from different countries of the world.
Kifaya explained that the holidays are tasteless without the presence of family and friends, and he considered that the joy of the feast is complete with the presence of the family. Customs, traditions, family, and we go to tourism in countries where we may not live any manifestations of Eid.

Well-established ritual since childhood
The writer, Amna Al-Sayed, said: From childhood until today, the most beautiful moments of the feast were the ones we spend waiting for the feast at the end of the month of Ramadan. And sweets, etc.. And the daughters of the family shared with us their delicious dishes, arranging the house, and other aesthetic touches.
She added: I always choose to spend the Eid in Qatar..and whoever wants to travel, I suggest that he travel the second or third of the Eid, so that his Eid will be more beautiful, and most of the families I know with children go to neighboring countries for new and exciting game areas as a reward for their children in the Eid..
As for young people, they are looking for sports and jumping in some Asian countries, sometimes for plays in the Gulf, and sometimes for booking a car and taking it for a ride in new markets and restaurants in the Gulf countries.

new experiences
And about the prices of domestic tourism, Amna said: Frankly, the prices are exaggerated in the tourist facilities for our families, and a full trip can be booked at this price paid for a week. We also need more places for children’s games, as in the rest of the Gulf countries..at reasonable prices. Two people may be able to reserve some facilities, but more. With the advent of summer, the amount will be exaggerated.
And she continued: Families may pay to travel to search for new experiences at reduced prices and many options with the sentence that everyone repeats, we need a change of atmosphere..although the state has opened many facilities such as the port, hotels, facilities, etc., and there are many restaurants and malls that make shopping enjoyable, but families need entertainment diversification And new and amazing games and experiences.. Of course, I am talking about Qatari families. As for non-Qataris, if their financial level is appropriate, then travel is the best solution for them to spend the Eid with their families in their country. She explained that Eid in Qatar is sweeter..and with my family it will definitely be more beautiful and beautiful..May God protect them for us..they are an extension of our parents, may God Almighty have mercy on them..
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In turn, the artist, Muhammad Adel, said: He does not prefer to travel on the holiday, because he prefers to be among his family, and uphold his mercy, and he said: The holiday is a religious and social occasion, which has great importance in raising children on the occasion, and teaching them customs, traditions, teachings of religion, and the significance of celebrating this occasion.
He added: Although travel has several benefits, but from a personal point of view, I see it as very negative on the occasion of Eid, as this occasion is an opportunity to teach children and raise them on the ties of kinship, family visits, receiving guests, celebrating Eid and generosity, and all of this is lost by travel, and I oppose travel during the Eid period, and it is possible Traveling after the Eid and enjoying the Eid among the family and in the arms of the homeland, pointing out that the habit of traveling during the festive season deprives children of the pleasure of sensing these blessings that God singled out for His Muslim servants. These rituals are in the hearts of children, and they are not keen to revive them among their families and their families.
He said, “There is a great purpose for these holidays, which is the connection of kinship, spreading the spirit of tolerance and melting the ice of differences between them, thanks to such great religious occasions, especially as we live in an atmosphere of modernity and virtual means of communication that deprived people of the joy of meeting and communicating through visits and family gatherings.”
Better alternative solutions
The artist, Lulwa Al-Mughisib, said that even if the opportunity to travel is available, she prefers to spend the holiday with the family, and she explained: Since we were young, we used to fill homes with children and grandchildren, young and old, and hearts are filled with joy and joy with these family gatherings that consolidate relations between families and create intimacy, cohesion and love for the same family. With all its extended branches of grandchildren, sons and husbands.
And she went on: I spent the first days of Eid in family visits between family and relatives, while the second days of Eid were in tourist places throughout the country, and Lulwa said: Tourist places are available and prices are affordable for everyone, and I do not find them high.
And she warned that frequent travel during the holidays may negatively affect the cohesion and communication between all members of the extended family and create alienation among its children, so children do not grow up on social cohesion and belonging to the small community or even the local community, as these holidays are an opportunity for the educator to consolidate religious values, customs and traditions. Which forms the community and strengthens the cohesion and intimacy in the hearts and increases the acquaintance of the children with each other, as it is an opportunity to teach our sons and daughters the etiquette of visiting and hospitality and the etiquette of councils and conversation, as our Arab families used to open their councils, especially on holidays, to receive visitors from family members, friends and close ones, and with the expansion of the population These visits began to shrink and dwindle, and everyone has an excuse for being preoccupied with the troubles of life and taking advantage of the vacation opportunities scheduled for Eid to travel and take a walk or spend his work outside the country..


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