Rajkot: Theft of jewelery worth lakhs on Palace Road solved


Gold worth lakhs of rupees was stolen from a shop named SN Ornaments located at Rajshringi Apartment, Palace Road, Rajkot. A complaint of theft of gold worth more than 13 lakhs and cash worth more than 40 thousand was lodged in the A Division police station, in which no one except the employee of the shop has been found in the police investigation. The team of LCB Zone 1 arrested the accused and is taking further action.

The worker betrayed the owner

On April 11, according to the order, 388 grams of gold, 41 thousand cash and goods worth Rs 13 lakh 71 thousand were stolen from SN Ornaments, which made gold ornaments. In the preliminary investigation, the lock of the shop was secure and no vandalism was done, but the CCTV DVR was stolen by the thieves so that they could not get into the CCTV itself.

The thief had broken the grill of the window at the back of the shop

Police investigation revealed that the thief had broken the grill of the window behind the shop. Due to which he entered the shop and committed the theft. The thief was none other than Sheikh Nasruddin Saidul Ismail, one of the 4 artisans working in the shop. The owner of this jewelery shop is Bengali in origin and the accused is also Bengali in origin. So he trusted him and hired him but he betrayed the owner and ran away with gold worth lakhs of rupees.

The heist was done in film style

The accused had executed this theft in film style. The accused was doing jewelery making work in this shop for the last 2 months. During this, he came to know that the grill of the rear window of the shop was broken. So he was looking for an order from a good firm to make jewelery in large quantities. A few days before the incident, a big order for making jewelery was received. On the day of the incident, he had gone somewhere on some pretext and was not at work. At the same time, before the closure of the complex, by buying a rope from the market, Agassi was hidden by opening the lock.

After searching about 80 CCTVs, the police got success

On the complaint of the owner, the police reached the spot and questioned the artisans, then the artisans came under the suspicion of the police. The team of LCB Zone 2 checked more than 80 CCTV cameras of the accused’s residence and other places along with nearby shops. Crime was solved at Palace Road and using technical and human resources. The police have now arrested the accused and are taking further action by seizing all the stolen goods.


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