G20 conference started in Dharamshala, brainstorming on science and technology topics


Dharamshala, 19 April (Hindustan Times). The first session of the G20 summit began at 9:00 am on Wednesday at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dharamshala. About 60 delegates from 20 countries around the world are participating in this important conference which started in the tourist city.

There is going to be a deep discussion on science and technology subjects in this conference. On the first day of the two-day summit, there will be brainstorming on various topics including science and technology for about eight hours. This important meeting is going to continue till 5 pm. Himachal’s economy is also expected to gain momentum from the important G20 meeting to be held in Dharamshala.

Not only this, through this international event, global branding of Himachal Pradesh and especially Dharamshala is also taking place. Pahari cuisine and cultural programs have also been specially organized for the foreign guests arriving here from different countries around the world. The third session of this important meeting going on in Dharamshala is going on now.


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