SpaceX halts Starship launch at last minute. What is the reason


According to the source, the rocket can’t just sit on a launch pad for days on end, full of fuel, waiting to lift off.

“The propellants are super-cool and have to be constantly topped up. as some of the liquid heats up and escapes to the atmosphere. SpaceX has to shut down while they fix their valve problem and decide on a new flight day. The rocket does not have the equipment on board to keep liquid methane and liquid oxygen in the proper storage condition for long periods. That equipment is on the side of the launch pad in an area called “tank farms,” ​​SpaceX announced during the live video broadcast.

Even so, SpaceX crews continued to run the countdown and simulate liftoff operations in the form of a dress rehearsal, which will be stopped just before the scheduled launch time. The launch was to take place from the Starbase space base, located in the southern part of the American state of Texas.

The Starship is a super-heavy, fully reusable space vehicle. This is the tallest and most powerful launch vehicle ever built. It consists of two components: a space transport vehicle – the upper stage, and a gigantic rocket – the lower stage, called Super Heavy, which sends the vehicle into space. The vehicle has a height of 120 meters and was developed by Elon Musk’s company over several years for space missions beyond the Earth’s orbit, towards the Moon and Mars.


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