Disney show promotes teen-girl sex with Satan


Disney has moved deeply and quickly to change its products, which for decades were entertainment for children, to indoctrination in the LGBT ideology.

It has built new story lines around LGBT characters, has openly battled with Florida over the state’s plan to protect young children in school from inappropriate sex instructions, has even put warning labels on some older projects to advise that they do not any longer meet the requirements of the company for being politically correct.

Now it’s taking an even bigger step: It’s new programming on Disney+ will feature a teen who falls in love with the devil.

According to a report in Deadline, the programming is a German original by the same creators who gave the world “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”.

The report explains the new show is “Pauline” and the main character, 18, “becomes pregnant – from a one-night stand” with “Lukas” the devil.

“With school stress, the climate crisis and the downfall of society weighing heavily on her mind, something she doesn’t need at all right now is catching feelings, especially not for her one-night stand Lukas, who, as it turns out, is the devil himself,” the report explained.

In a statement executive producers Philipp Käßbohrer and Matthias Murmann said it’s a project that is “very close to our hearts”.

A report at BGR pointed out other Disney+ titles include those from Marvel, Pixar, or Star Wars.

Now, it said, the story of a pregnant teen in love with the devil “is a show that’s coming to Disney+, the home of Pixar movies, Mickey Mouse, and National Geographic”.

It far from Disney’s only foray into the occult.

WND reported in 2022 that Disney was unleashing a “cartoon” featuring a little girl as “Antichrist”.

“There’s no more putting this off. You dad is the devil and you’re the Antichrist,” the cartoon mom tells her daughter, about 13.

The “adult” programming is called “Little Demon” and one of the actors who provide voicing expressed approval that it normalizes “paganism”.

It opens with a news report that the sky over a school has been “torn open”.

Mom then drops a “your dad, the devil” bombshell on the little girl, to which she responds in kind.

The Gateway Pundit was blunt in its assessment, with, “Disney continued down its path to destruction, releasing a new cartoon entitled Little Demon, and it is just as bad as it sounds”.

“The series features demonic witchcraft, pagan rituals, gratuitous blood, gore and nudity, and judging by the trailer (included here, but not recommended) can easily be considered pornographic by definition”.


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