Railways started running when the pressure of political bargaining on Railways was removed: PM


New Delhi, 12 April (Hindustan Times). Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that since independence, political interests have always dominated the modernization of railways. This situation changed after 2014 when the country elected a stable and strong government. This stopped political bargaining and the Railways heaved a sigh of relief. After this the train started running at high speed to touch new heights. It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Narendra Modi today flagged off the Delhi Cantt-Ajmer Vande Bharat Express train through virtual medium. He said this big thing on this very occasion.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that compared to the year 2014, the railway budget of Rajasthan has been increased by 14 times. Over the years, the work of gauge conversion and doubling of railways has benefitted the tribal areas of Rajasthan. Railway stations are also being rejuvenated along with the tracks.

He said that Rajasthan is getting the first Vande Bharat Express from Ajmer to Delhi today. Vande Bharat train has today become synonymous with development, modernity, stability and self-reliance. Vande Bharat Express is the first indigenously built semi-high speed train and is equipped with all safety systems. Vande Bharat train will give a boost to the tourism industry in Rajasthan.

The Prime Minister expressed deep sorrow that since independence, political interests have always dominated the modernization of railways. Due to political interest, the Railway Minister, who was appointed, announced such trains which never ran. By taking away the land of the poor, they were given the bluff of a job in the railways. Railway safety and cleanliness were neglected. Changes in such chaos started coming after 2014.

Linking the empowerment of rail and rail connectivity infrastructure with the empowerment of the country, he expressed confidence that the new train will play an important role in accelerating the development of Rajasthan. He said that Rajasthan is one of the top tourist destination of the country. Unprecedented work has been done in the past years regarding the connectivity of Rajasthan.

The Prime Minister said that the Central Government is also working on about 1,400 km of roads in the border areas of Rajasthan. Along with road, our government is also giving top priority to rail connectivity in Rajasthan. Keeping in mind the convenience of tourists, the government is also operating different types of circuit trains. Bharat Gaurav circuit train has made more than 70 trips so far.

He said that Indian Railways has set up about 70 ‘One Station-One Product’ stalls in Rajasthan. Jaipuri quilts and handicrafts are being sold fiercely through these stalls. That is, small farmers, artisans and handicraftsmen of Rajasthan have got a new medium to reach the market.

Prime Minister Modi said that from speed to beautiful design, Vande Bharat train is endowed with many features. Looking at all these merits, Vande Bharat train is being praised in the country today. So far 60 lakh people have traveled in Vande Bharat Express trains. Fast speed is the biggest feature of Vande Bharat. This saves people’s time.


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