Who will participate in the “European Moldova” National Assembly. President Maia Sandu: We will discuss with pro-European parties and civil society


The “European Moldova” National Assembly would be attended by all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, the head of state, Maia Sandu states that in the next period she would also discuss participation with representatives of pro-European parties, people from the academic environment, people from civil society and from various representative institutions.

The most important thing is to strengthen and demonstrate this strong, real support for the EU accession process. Especially since this will happen 10 days before the meeting of the heads of state and government at the European Political Community and during that period we will have even more attention from the international press thanks to this event. This rally in support of joining the EU will be able to reach all countries. Because it is important to have the support of the leaders of the EU states.

Author: President Maia Sandu

The head of state was asked if she admits a discussion with the opposition, such as the PSRM, in the context of the event.

PSRM is not a pro-European party. We know that. If the people who voted for him are pro-European, of course they are welcome at this event. Everyone who supports this endeavor.

Author: Maia Sandu

AGORA reminds that on May 21, the “European Moldova” National Assembly will take place in the Grand National Assembly Square. The announcement was made by the country’s president, Maia Sandu. “The time has come to show that we are a people in control of our home,” the head of the country declared in an address to the people.

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We mention that, on March 3, 2022, the Republic of Moldova signed the application for accession to the European Union. A moment that had been targeted since 1994, but which oscillated like a cardiogram, only in this case, any fall and deviation from the original plan was charged with years of waiting, political dissension and damage on several levels. The candidate country status represents an intermediate stage on the way to joining the European Union.


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