Huawei Cloud unveils a program to support the business development of small and medium enterprises


Huawei Cloud, in cooperation with its regional partners, launched the Huawei Cloud Startup Program in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, which aims to enable small and medium enterprises in these regions to succeed in the digital age.

The initiative will provide SMEs in these regions with Huawei cloud services, technical support and talent development training, as well as provide them with the necessary resources to innovate and drive business growth.

The program was launched on the sidelines of the Huawei Cloud Middle East and Africa Summit 2023, which was recently hosted by Dubai. Under the slogan “Unleashing digital capabilities in the countries of the region through the everything-as-a-service model,” the summit witnessed the participation of a number of government officials, experts in the field of cloud technologies, and representatives of Huawei customers from the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, with the aim of exploring ways to make the most of cloud software to enhance the digital economy. in the area. The launch of the program confirms Huawei’s commitment to building a regional startup support ecosystem to enable 1,000 startups to innovate and grow by benefiting from Huawei Cloud services by 2025.

On this occasion, Frank Dai, President of Huawei Cloud in the Middle East and Central Asia, said: “SMEs represent the mainstay of the economies of the countries of the region. However, these companies face unique challenges, including a lack of digital skills and a lack of resources to digitize their operations, and therefore they miss huge opportunities that can be The digital economy can make it possible. From this standpoint, Huawei seeks to empower regional entrepreneurs with the tools and expertise necessary to succeed in the digital era by relying on cloud services. We are confident that the Huawei Cloud Startup Program will contribute to the success of small and medium enterprises, especially as it represents a joint effort To develop a cohesive tech ecosystem in the region.

The summit also provided an opportunity to explore the latest innovations in cloud-native technologies after the cloud-native has emerged as a key driver of digital transformation, as Gartner predicts that 95% of digital services will operate through cloud-native platforms by 2025. with digital capabilities.

Today, an increasing number of industries are going digital, and many of them have embraced the concept of Cloud Native 2.0. Huawei Cloud was the first to propose this concept, as it represents a new stage in the enterprise smart upgrade process. The move to the cloud has changed from the “On Cloud” model to the “In Cloud” model of building applications and services in the cloud without just migrating them. In cooperation with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT), and a number of leading industry experts, Huawei Cloud launched the concept of Cloud Native Elite Cloud, a global cloud native community aimed at strengthening the cloud native ecosystem. In the era of Cloud Native 2.0, reliance on cloud native is no longer a possibility, but a reality.

As a company dedicated to enabling the transition to the cloud, Huawei Cloud is leveraging key technologies to support growth across various sectors in the region. KooVerse, Huawei Cloud’s global infrastructure, will provide an excellent cloud experience with a standard response time of up to 50ms, which is a qualitative addition to sectors that require high-quality, real-time voice and video services. Meanwhile, CCE Turbo, Huawei Cloud’s flagship cloud storage service running on cloud-native infrastructure, allows customers to use 40% more of their resources. Combined with Huawei Cloud’s leading computing capabilities, these new technologies enhance the advantages of flexibility and efficiency for businesses.

Huawei Cloud has launched a Cloud Native 2.0 Architecture White Paper, which aims to empower customers with full cloud native capabilities to make a quantum leap into the future.


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