ASICS will award the medalists from the European Games in Poland – 200 thousand lei for the gold


The importance of the event was emphasized by the president of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of the Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Juravschi.

“Qualifications for the Olympic Games in Paris will also be at stake, it is important for us that at the last stage, there is a proper level of preparation, so that next year we evolve more slowly”, he said Nicolae Juravschi.

In this context, the honorary president of the Association for the Support of Community Initiatives and Sports, Plamen Milanov, announced awards for achievements at the Krakow-Małopolska Games.

“For the Krakow Games, in which quite a few of our athletes will participate, the association’s message is that, in addition to the desire and possibilities, it is also desirable to have a financial incentive. On behalf of ASICS, I promise you that every athlete who wins a gold medal will receive a monetary prize from the ASICS Association – 200 thousand lei, for silver medal – 100 thousand lei and for bronze – 50 thousand of lei”, he gave details Plamen Milanov.

The announcement was greeted with joy by the athletes who will represent our country at the European Games.

Advertising It is a great motivation for athletes, there are very big prizes and we will fight with maximum self-sacrifice at the competitions. First of all, it is to bring a medal for the Republic of Moldova, but also to obtain this monetary prize, very necessary in the preparations for next year’s Olympic Games

Author: Serghei Tarnovschi, bronze medalist at the Tokyo Olympics

At the presentation event of the national team that will go to Poland, the sponsorship agreement between ASICS and CNOS was also signed. The association will assume the costs of providing the athletes with the sets of uniforms and equipment needed to participate in the event.



“I am very happy that our Association has the possibility to support the National Olympic Committee and our athletes. This year and next year, we plan to invest over 20 million lei in sports in the Republic of Moldova. I am convinced that thanks to this investment, we will have very good results”, he added Plamen Milanov.

The European Games will take place between June 21 and July 2.


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