Tragedy, comedy or tragic comedy! what do you choose The king returns to the stage of the Eugene Ionesco National Theatre


King Lear by William Shakespeare, April 7, 6:30 p.m

Mihai Șarna: “Three years ago, for the first time I spoke with Mr. Petru Vutcarau about staging King Lear at TNEI. TNEI… Petru Vutcarau, who had not stepped on stage for a long time. An exceptional but unknown troupe…and of course King Lear, Shakespeare’s top play. All these elements put together must create a single thought, a single desire, a unique pleasure and of course true madness…fear breeds courage.

July 22, 2021 – the first rehearsal, the first meeting with the band, with the theater, with the hall, with the invisible looks and gestures, the expectations and thoughts of the creative team… The readeness is all… the availability is everything… this is Petru Vutcarau, this is his band. ”


King Lear, King of Britain – Petru Vutcarau

Goneril, the eldest daughter of King Lear – Doina Arvat

Duke De Albany, her husband – Maxim Chiriac

Regan, the middle daughter of King Lear – Iuliana Vornicescu

The Duke of Cornwall, her husband – Petru Dragancea

Cordelia, the youngest daughter of King Lear – Valeria Garțan

The King of France, suitor for Cordelia’s hand – Silviu Boinceanu

The Duke of Burgundy, suitor for Cordelia’s hand – Stanislav Cotrobai

The Count of Gloucester – Gheorghe Pietraru

Edgar, the eldest son of Gloucester, later disguised as Tom the Beggar – Alexandru Berbinschi

Edmund, the illegitimate son of Gloucester – Bogdan Bîtlan

The Jester of King Lear – Anatol Guzic

Oswald, the intendant of Goneril – Laurentiu Vutcarau

three servants of Cornwall, three captains, a knight, a herald, a messenger, gentlemen, courtiers, knights, servants, soldiers, trumpeters – Denis Dimitriu, Iurie Pascar, Marius-Cătălin Tulum, Nelu Rotaru, Nicolae Neghin, Stanislav Cotrobai, Silviu Boinceanu, Sergiu Cojocaru, Alexandru Vinocurov, Dorin Bâtcă.

The Art of Living by Yasmina Reza, April 8, 6:30 p.m

The central subject is the frustration of married life. It all starts in the Vallon family salon, where the Reille couple arrive, whose son hit Bruno Vallon in the face with a stick, leaving him without two teeth. The beginning of the conversation between the parents is diplomatic, civilized, in an attempt to preserve good manners and mutual respect. Gradually, however, everything degenerates into an aggressive confrontation, as a result of which all the dissatisfactions of married life come to the surface.


Directed by: Petru Vutcarau

The show is a comedy that will make you get out of your daily routine and review all the issues related to the art of coexistence.

Veronique Vallon – Doina Arvat

Michel Vallon – Gheorghe Pietraru

Anette Reille – Natalia Prodan

Alain Reille – Anatol Guzic

Duration of the show: 120 minutes (without intermission)

National Theater Eugene Ionesco


The songs by Alexandru Kirițescu, April 9, 5:30 p.m

The play “Gaițele” (or “Wasps Nest”) is one of the valuable comedies of the interwar period in the national dramaturgy. A tragic comedy in two acts. The author attacks a society in full process of decomposition, a society that clings to old forms of a life locked in prejudices and formal traditions.

Humor is a priority and the text aims to highlight the lack of culture of rich people who only want to travel and spend the whole day doing absolutely nothing. The show presents the realities of our world, regardless of the period.

#tragic comedy +15

Direction and music selection: Petru Vutcarau

Artistic team:

Author – Alexandru Kirițescu;

Direction and music selection – Petru Vutcarau;

Set painter – Ana Cebotar;

Costume painter – Inga Botnariuc;

Head of production and installation – Ludmila Furdui;

Technical director – Ion Rotaru


Aneta Duduleanu – Ala Menșicov;

Zoe – Natalia Prodan;

Lena – Iuliana Vornicescu – Cotrobai;

Ianache Duduleanu – Nicolae Neghin;

Colette Duduleanu – Dorina – Beatrice Timciuc;

Wanda Serafim – Doina Arvat;

Mircea Aldea – Alexandru Berbinschi;

Margareta Aldea – Marina Rotaru;

George Duduleanu – Laurentiu Vutcarau;

Fraulein – Iulia Bordeianu;

Zamfira – Valeria Garțan;

National Theater Eugene Ionesco


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