98% increase in goods at Mwani Qatar


Mwani Qatar revealed that the number of ships received during last March increased by 7 percent to reach 231 ships, compared to the same period last year.
The data confirmed that the handling of general and bulk cargo and livestock recorded record levels of 98 percent and 451 percent, respectively, i.e. 297,009 tons and 53,193 head of livestock last March, compared to the same period in 2022.
In the same context, the data revealed an increase in the handling of cars and equipment by 15 percent, to reach 7,007 units, while containers recorded a level of 114,079 standard containers, and building and construction materials amounted to 50,969 tons.
The handling rates of general and bulk cargo, and livestock in Mwani Qatar during March 2023 recorded growth of about 98% and 451%, respectively, compared to the same period last year, while handling of vehicles, equipment, and ships increased by 15% and 7%.
For its part, QTerminals announced the total number of containers, non-containerized bulk cargo and ro-ro cargo that it handled during the month of March. The volume of non-containerized bulk cargo handled was the highest ever at Hamad Port, with a total of 291,427 tons. The number of ships reached 135, and the standard containers amounted to 114,262 containers.
Mwani Qatar is responsible for managing the ports and marine transport terminals in the State of Qatar. In addition, the provider of port services and integrated logistics services in Qatar plays another pivotal role. Through its role in the development of Hamad Port, Mwani Qatar is not only in a strong position to develop a regional shipping hub in the Gulf, but also to be a key player in diversifying Qatar’s economy into a post-hydrocarbon sector.
In addition to managing berths, dry ports and container terminals, Mwani Qatar provides marine guidance services, towing and mooring of ships, managing navigational aids, in addition to shipping, unloading, handling and storage of goods. It is also involved in the development of sea ports and related services in accordance with global standards.
Mwani Qatar is responsible for managing Hamad Port and Ruwais Port, which are two commercial ports, in addition to developing Doha Port, which will become a port for cruise ships.
Hamad Port, the largest commercial port in the country, is one of the most important long-term projects that embody the Qatar National Vision 2030, which is a tributary for social, economic, environmental and human development in Qatar. The multi-billion dollar investment not only provides additional capacity, but also offers a new set of capabilities for specific segments of the maritime transport sector.
As part of its vital support for infrastructure projects related to preparations for the 2022 World Cup and other global events and projects, Mwani Qatar, under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, works closely with stakeholders and partners to secure materials and goods and enhance shipping internally and externally, and is also working to make its ports the preferred entities for all global shipping lines.


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