Bangladesh to cooperate with Mauritania in agricultural sector


Mauritania, one of the largest west African countries, has welcomed the ‘contract farming’ proposal of Bangladesh to open the arable land of that country for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Mauritania’s Agriculture Minister Yahya Ahmed El Waghef hailed the proposal from the Bangladesh’s non-resident Ambassador Muhammad Zulqar Nain at a bilateral meeting during his recent visit to the African country, said a press release received.

Yahya expressed optimism that Bangladesh and Mauritania will work intensively in the future to achieve food security in both countries.

He appreciated Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s right leadership and contributions to the overall development of Bangladesh and termed the Bangladeshis as industrious people.

Mauritania has taken an initiative to develop commercial agricultural activities in the large arable land in the southern region to the private sector by April this year, Yahya said, adding that it will create potential opportunities for Bangladeshi businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Putting special emphasize on the application of the latest technology in farming, he said, it will facilitate the implementation of commercial agricultural activities instead of extracting existing natural agricultural resources in Mauritania.

At the invitation of the Mauritanian Investment Board, Bangladesh Ambassador Zulqar Nain visited the large plain land of Rosso and Boga in the southern part of Mauritania through the Senegal River.

There are possibilities and opportunities for farming various types of livestock and cultivating wheat, corn, paddy and watermelon cultivation in this region.

Meanwhile, a Saudi Arabian company is producing onion, garlic and watermelon in Mauritania and exporting those to the European markets.


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