Truck operators, contractors, drivers beware! BIS issued new guidelines regarding public safety


For the safety of the common people, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has decided to take strict steps. This step has been taken to enhance security during transportation of hazardous and harmful products to public safety, property and environment. For which BIS has also issued new guidelines.

These guidelines describe the precautions to be taken during the packaging, handling and transportation of dangerous and harmful products. Whose attention will be mandatory for vehicle owners, transport agencies, contractors, truck operators and drivers.

Let us tell you, BIS has recently issued the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Guidelines, 2023. Which have been prepared by the Section Committee of Transport Services.

These guidelines also cover the transportation of explosive substances, inflammable products, toxic and infectious products. These are the products which fall in the dangerous category and any laxity in the safety during their transportation can put the safety of the general public at risk.

The objective of these guidelines is to ensure safety and strict norms have also been laid down to achieve this goal.


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