Nobel Committee’s deputy leader praised PM Modi


Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the deputy leader of the Nobel Committee, Ashley Toje, has called him the biggest contender for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ashley Toje said that India is poised to become a superpower country. At the same time, Toje praised Prime Minister Modi and said that the way PM Modi explained to Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Russo-Ukraine war is commendable. Ashley Toje said that in today’s era we need such a leader on international politics.

Toje said in his statement that PM Modi is a trustworthy leader who has the ability to prevent war between countries and maintain peace.

Tojo said that India is continuously working on those issues, due to which global welfare is possible. When asked about the Nobel Peace Prize, Tojo said that Indians are applying for the prize in large numbers.

After this statement of the deputy leader of the Nobel Committee, the speculation about PM Modi getting the Nobel Peace Prize has intensified. According to media reports, PM Modi is considered to be the biggest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.


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