Chances of rain in the next 5 to 6 days, IMD advised to cut the crop and keep it in a safe place


Rainfall is expected in almost all the areas of the country in the next 5 to 6 days except the west coast of India. Weather scientists say that under the influence of cyclonic winds, there is a possibility of light to moderate rain, hailstorm and thundershowers. According to the Meteorological Department, due to the cyclone, there is a possibility of soft winds blowing from both the sea areas of India, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

In view of the weather conditions, the Meteorological Department (IMD) in its recent release has advised farmers to harvest and store ready-to-eat crops of mustard, gram and vegetables in north, west and central India.

For horticultural crops like banana, the Meteorological Department has advised farmers that fruit on banana trees should be supported by bamboo or polythene poles, and for newly planted vegetables or vines, and to protect bunches of grapes A skirting bag or aluminum foil should be used. This advice has been given to the farmers to avoid rain in Madhya Maharashtra.

The Meteorological Department has strictly forbidden the farmers regarding any kind of irrigation or chemical spray. Mahesh Palawat, vice president at private weather forecasting agency Skymet, told BLiTZ that this would be the first pre-monsoon activity of the season, possibly affecting all parts of the country except the west coast.

The main reason for the widespread spread of rain will be a cyclonic storm over Rajasthan and then over interior parts of Telangana and Karnataka, which will bring moist winds from both the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Palawat said that this system will gradually move towards Northeast India and will weaken thereafter.


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