AI will open opportunities, but also concerns about fairness: CAG


Comptroller and Auditor General Girish Chandra Murmu on Monday said it is necessary to use artificial intelligence (AI) responsibly as this emerging technology has the potential to contribute USD 15,700 billion to the global economy by 2030, while on the other hand it is essential to ensure fairness and equity. It also raises privacy concerns.

Addressing the meeting of senior officials of the ‘Supreme Audit Institutions-20 (SAI-20)’, Murmu also stressed on the need to strike a balance between near-term growth and sustainability of the maritime economy. SAI-20 has selected two themes related to the concerns and opportunities of the new era. These are… Blue Economy and Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India is the chairman of ‘SAI-20’, a grouping of Supreme Accounting Institutions (SAIs) of the member countries of the grouping under the G20 chairmanship of India. Murmu said, “Today we have reached a stage where AI can contribute up to $15,700 billion to the global economy in 2030.”

He said that AI is capable of bringing socio-economic growth and can be used for the benefit of the country and citizens. “Artificial intelligence offers many opportunities but it also raises concerns related to transparency and fairness,” he said. These issues include the impact of AI on privacy, bias and discrimination in AI systems, and lack of understanding of AI in the general public.

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The Auditor General said that these problems are complex as well as interrelated, thus there is a need to use AI responsibly to ensure fairness of the solutions. Apart from India, two representatives of SAI and World Bank from Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Oman, South Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and UAE are also participating in this three-day event.


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